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MARTIN BUSH makes bodies move, period.


Whether he’s DJing weddings or late nights at KC’s miniBar or Lawrence’s Replay Lounge, Martin pairs technical mastery of beatmatching and pitchmatching with his keenly developed intuition for what keeps people on the dancefloor. “I try to keep the focus on the couple and their night,” Bush says. “Every wedding is different, and finding ways to make every crowd happy is the most fun part of the job.” He’s done exactly that for more than 100 All Ears weddings, earning rave reviews for his outside-the-box DJ sets and non-intrusive emcee stylings. Martin is also an accomplished singer/guitarist who can perform live acoustic music for ceremonies and cocktail hours. His repertoire spans 40 songs including artists like Van Morrison, Band of Horses, Radiohead, The Beatles, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Billy Joel and The Beach Boys. 

DJ Martin Bush of All Ears DJ & Events in Kansas City

Click HERE to view Martin's live acoustic song list.

"Marty's ability to read the audience is remarkable. He fades one hit right after another, until the end of the night. I am not saying this because it was our wedding, but we have never been to a wedding where the music was flowing, hit after hit, to the point where your feet were hurting because of the amount of dancing taking place. Marty has talent, style, and breaks all stereotypes of what you may think a wedding DJ is." (Arielle W, 12-28-14)

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