DEDICATION Mixes: because 2020 sucks, but your partner rules.

Hi folks, Richard here. Approximately 40 days into quarantine, I had a brainstorm. Since I won't be DJing any live events for awhile, why not scratch the itch to DJ by making custom mixes for quarantined lovers? Hence was born my DEDICATION MIX series: 90-minute custom mixes performed as a gift to cheer up your stay-at-home. Here's the first!

I originally performed at Michelle & Dave's wedding August 2019. I composed this mix for maximum dance-party fun for them while stuck at home in quarantine. The project sparked an idea: why not make more custom mixes for couples who are spending most of their time stuck inside this year? How about an anniversary mix for your loved one? Or a happy birthday mix? Or a sexy date-night mix? Music is so important in times of crisis, and making these mixes is a truly cathartic and joyful experience for me in this otherwise stressful time.

Surprise your boo with their very own dedication mix performed live by ME! Commissions start at $200 minimum and are performed on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis (suggested donation $500).

Here are a few more mixes I've cooked up during lock-in. I miss dance floors so much!

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