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Real DJs make mixes. Everything we post is extensively prepped and recorded as a live performance. In the pre-COVID times we generally recorded our sets and posted those, but in 2020 we've been posting a series of "lock-in" mixes from home. That's right: we love DJing so much that we just do it for ourselves.

All of our mixes are posted on our MIXCLOUD page. But here are a few highlights...

dj Richard gintowt

This is my most popular mix on Mixcloud, I guess because people love Lizzo. It's mostly rap and it also features some of my favorite new artists like Saweetie and Lil Nas X as well as some throwbacks like Nelly and House of Pain.

This is my Bay Area Slaps mix, because Bay Area rap slaps.

When people ask me for a "typical" wedding mix, my standard response is that there's no such thing - every night is different because I feed off the energy on the dance floor. But after Whitney and Corbin gave me total creative latitude for their 2019 wedding in Sonoma, I thought to myself that maybe this mix does represent some of my popular choices. In the end it comes down to 50% preparation (getting to know the couples' tastes) and 50% showing up and reading the room. Remember that a DJ will always do their best work when you express trust and respect their creativity, experience and talent!

This was the last event I deejayed pre-COVID. My wife and I flew to Nebraska to DJ a prom for 400 sweaty dental school students. It was lit! At one point they crashed the stage and it got so turnt that the venue threatened to shut us down. Fortunately we restored order and had a wild rest of the night. Good times!

In the pre-COVID times I hosted a monthly residency at Portal in Oakland called The Funktown Getdown. I mostly spun classic funk, boogie, R&B and West Coast rap. I love classic funk music and it's always in my virtual crates at weddings. I created a separate MIXCLOUD for my Funktown Getdown mixes. They're a little more far-out than what I'd typically spin at weddings but I hope you dig!

This is a big corny pop mix of my favorite moneymakers from the mid-2000s. I started deejaying weddings in 2010 and these songs were my bread and butter in those early years. Still feel a rush of excitement and nostalgia when I spin them!

dj mike cochran

Mike C the Maitre D spins a live mix featuring some of his favorite new edits, mashup and blends.

Mike C the Maitre D spins a few of his favorite oldies joints reminiscent of his wedding cocktail-hour sets.

DEDICATION Mixes: because 2020 sucks, but your partner rules.

Hi folks, Richard here. Approximately 40 days into quarantine, I had a brainstorm. Since I won't be DJing any live events for awhile, why not scratch the itch to DJ by making custom mixes for quarantined lovers? Hence was born my DEDICATION MIX series: 90-minute custom mixes performed as a gift to cheer up your stay-at-home. Here's the first!

I originally performed at Michelle & Dave's wedding August 2019. I composed this mix for maximum dance-party fun for them while stuck at home in quarantine. The project sparked an idea: why not make more custom mixes for couples who are spending most of their time stuck inside this year? How about an anniversary mix for your loved one? Or a happy birthday mix? Or a sexy date-night mix? Music is so important in times of crisis, and making these mixes is a truly cathartic and joyful experience for me in this otherwise stressful time.

Surprise your boo with their very own dedication mix performed live by ME! Commissions start at $200 minimum and are performed on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis (suggested donation $500).

Here are a few more mixes I've cooked up during lock-in. I miss dance floors so much!

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