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Perry Donta’e was born to be an entertainer, pure and simple.

Anyone who knows the Bolingbrook native knows that he’s on his hustle 24-7/365 as a DJ for weddings and clubs, live-sampling MPC performer, drummer, drum pack leader and educator. His passion and dedication explodes from all realms with a fiery creative intensity and self-assured swagger.


For Perry, weddings are an extension of his performance-based livelihood as the director of Chicago’s The Pack United (recently featured on "America's Got Talent!"). Formerly known as Rise Up, the drum line and beat collective has thrived independently under Perry’s leadership after reforming in the wake of a shuttered nonprofit. Perry has steered The Pack towards appearances at the McDonald’s All-American Game, WNBA Chicago Sky home games and on television’s “Empire”.


As a DJ and live-sampling artist, Perry is an in-demand performer at Chicago nightclubs like Bottom Lounge, Prysm, Reggie’s and Moe’s Cantina. His unique style incorporates MPC samplers to build spontaneous compositions from existing hits and hooks. For weddings he typically emphasizes the DJ element first and foremost via his consummate mix skills on Serato and a Numark NS7III controller. But if the vibe is right, feel free to pick his ear about incorporating live sampling into his set!


Ever the showman, Perry also offers extensive LED neon lighting options and might even throw on a pair of LED shades once the dancefloor is poppin’.

“I want to sell me as a show,” Perry says. “I take pride in my professionalism, skill and clientele. I come from a place where loyalty is sometimes all you got.”

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