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Music is everything. It’s your history, your identity and your joy. It’s what moves you on the dance floor and what moves you to tears.


Quite simply: it’s the most important decision you’ll make at your wedding.


Don’t settle for anything less than a DJ who can wow audiences with perfect blends, mashups and song choices. Talent matters and our DJs have shown up & showed out at 1000+ weddings in the past decade from San Francisco and the Bay Area to Chicago and Kansas City.


We’re proud to showcase a diverse roster of performers who celebrate our core values such as inclusivity and LGBTQ+ rights. Our DJs spin regularly at legendary Bay Area parties like Motown on Mondays and Fresh Jamz as well as late-night end-ups such as Bar 355, Ruby Room, Monarch, Legionnaire, Make-Out Room, Neck of the Woods and Madrone Art Bar. We also write and produce original music and we’ve notched production credits with buzzworthy artists like The Flaming Lips and DJ Mustard.

Welcome to the home of San Francisco's best djs.

As a “Hall of Fame” vendor on The Knot, our DJs have earned their five-star reputation with exceptionally detailed preparation and flawless event coordination. Once you match with your DJ of choice, you’ll share playlists to collaborate on the perfect mixtape. Your DJ will also act as your entertainment director and design a perfect event flow that lets you live in the moment and not stress.


Don't just hire a "wedding" DJ when you can have a premier club DJ rocking the dancefloor. If you love music and won’t settle for anything but the best…

Hire All Ears DJ for your bay area wedding and make it a night to remember!

Why all ears?


Fact: DJing is a skill. Our DJs have honed and perfected that skill over the course of thousands of hours performing. Not only will All Ears DJs choose the perfect songs for the perfect moments, but we’ll wow your friends and family with seamless song transitions and live beatmatching. All Ears DJs only spin bonafide hits and we’ll bring the same intensity and passion to your wedding that we bring to our club gigs. Don't believe us? Take our mixes for a spin!

All Ears DJ Weddings & Events serves the San Francisco Bay Area


All Ears DJ Weddings & Events serves the San Francisco Bay Area


Long before we were DJs, we were music lovers and listeners. We play in bands and we DJ at clubs and festivals. We make mashups and mixtapes just for funsies. We collect hella vinyl and we comb the internets for hot new jams. We’re lucky to make a living doing what we love, and we hope it’s apparent in the joy of our performances.

All Ears DJ Weddings & Events serves the San Francisco Bay Area


1000+ weddings, 200+ five-star reviews. We showed up and we showed out. There’s simply no substitute for experience, and all of our DJ/MCs have it in spades. We’ll read your dancefloor like an old poker pro and we’ll execute your timeline like a celebrity wedding planner. We’ll coordinate with you to avoid any potential pitfalls and we’ll do our due diligence to sync up with your musical tastes and vision so your dance party is 24k magic.

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