THE FUNKTOWN GETDOWN is everything we do best.

THE ROOTS OF THE FUNKTOWN GETDOWN GO BACK TO FUNKTOWN, the lakeside oakland neighborhood where I (Richard Gintowt) married jalyn debarge (j for short) on a smoky november evening in 2018.

I had deejayed more than 500 weddings by the time i met j, but i never thought i would have one of my own. I also never thought i'd go into the photobooth business, but j changed that too.


now we're a team In Life and in business: i rock the party, and j is the queen of the FUNKTOWN PHOTOBOOTH.

I like performing at weddings with wifey, We make a damn good team. sometimes she'll pop over to do the cupid shuffle while i'm dJing and then i'll troll her by playing debarge's "rhythm of the night" (That's her family but she's pretty low-key about it.)

j & i have a music project called lesbian jungle. it's something that exists mostly outside of weddings, but we worked up a bunch of familiar cover songs if you might be keen on some live acoustic music for your ceremony and/or cocktail hour.

the funktown getdown also comes with our best lighting package consisting of eight colorful wireless uplights and a vintage mirrorball: because no one likes to dance in bad lighting.

the funktown getdown is also a party that jumped off every first & third thursday at portal in oakland (where we got hitched!) pre-covid. I spun my favorite old-school funk, disco, west-coast rap and r&B cuts and sometimes wifey crashed it and razzed me for stealing all the hot new Jams I stole from her. (Nowadays i livestream on twitch).

THE FUNKTOWN GETDOWN is the culmination of a decade of djing and two years of being in love.

Ain't no party like a funktown party.


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