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If there is one truth in this universe, it’s that drummers make the best DJs. They carry the funky beat with them day and night, tapping it out on kitchen tables, girlfriends and stray cats. Austin Ward’s wedding DJing is an extension of his “night job” playing drums for Chicago bands The Noise FM and Archie Powell & the Exports. He only feels fully alive when he’s fully in command of a raging dance floor. He’s a manic performer and adrenalin junkie who lives for his next fix of dropping the perfect MJ track. Having a good time is all he knows, and his bloodlust for great music of all genres translates seamlessly to weddings. He’s been satiating this hunger for the better part of a decade and he keeps on like the Energizer Bunny because he’ll evaporate into the aether if he doesn’t break a sweat every night. Fun fact about Austin: he's also the frontman of All My Friends, arguably the fourth most popular LCD Soundsystem tribute band in Logan Square.

Pricing generally ranges $1300-1500

"My wife and I planned our entire wedding from top to bottom. We were SO nervous about hiring a DJ! We had heard horror stories about price gouging and disgruntled for-hire DJ's just going through the motions. Not what you want on your wedding day. We were blown away by All Ears DJ Chicago! Professional, kind, and nothing short of INCREDIBLE! Alex and Austin showed up early and were all set up and ready to go. They asked tons of questions to ensure that everything went perfect. They were so kind and were as excited as our families were to be there. The night ended with special requests and they never batted an eye. Nothing short of perfect for the most important day of our lives. I'd hire them for my BBQ's every weekend if I could!"

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