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Alex Ward's illustrious DJ career began in 6th grade when he memorized the track lists of the first three volumes of “Now That’s What I Call Music”. He never danced at any of his high school dances because he was always the DJ.

Flash forward a decade and our K-Ci & JoJo-loving maestro dominates bigger stages as the dapper frontman of Chicago indie-dance rockers The Noise FM and guitarist for Archie Powell & the Exports. He now lays claim to all 92 volumes of “Now That’s What I Call Music” and recently upgraded to a five-disc changer. His band’s songs have been featured on MTV, X-Box and “Beverly Hills 90210”... but none of that holds a candle to the version of “Mmmbop” that he’ll croon while you walk down the aisle (kidding... he knows a few more covers if that one doesn’t tickle your pickle). Alex’s double-threat talents often inspire folks to hire him as an acoustic performer for ceremony and/or cocktail hour and DJ for party time (don't worry, he doesn't actually still use CDs...).

"Alex Ward with All Ears DJ (Chicago) is simply amazing. I can't brag enough that we had the BEST DJ for our wedding. He was fantastic to work with and really listened/understood what we were looking for. He knew all the songs that would get people dancing, had a great flow of oldies, today's hits, and slow jams, and may sure to work in a few favorites. Our dance floor was never empty, so much so we had to extend the wedding another 20 min because nobody wanted to stop. Thank you for making our wedding so incredible!!" (Meredith C., 9-16-17)

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