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A proud Chicago native, Bobby Lovelock grew up immersed in a multiplicity of musical styles and took inspiration from performers like Rakim, DJ Premier, and J Dilla.

DJ Bobby Lovelock of All Ears DJ & Events in Chicago

Bobby has been an integral part of the Chicago scene ever since, sharing the stage with some of its biggest names and deejaying steadily around the city. With a heavy sense of gratitude and respect for the culture, Bobby also produces his own original music that draws from jazz, funk and ‘90s Brooklyn hip-hop swagger.


Bobby’s “Bathroom Break” mix hails from a time when he deejayed at D’Vine in Wicker Park and occasionally had to fight through crowds to use the bathroom in the middle of his set. From the moment the first blend drops - Steely Dan’s “Kid Charlemagne” into Kanye’s “Champion” - it’s clear that Bobby is a dedicated student of the game. “You will never see me pushing buttons,” Bobby says. “I’m gonna show up with two-turntables and a microphone” (Bobby typically works digital for the sake of efficiency but integrates with Serato Scratch for that old-school touch).


More than a decade of performing at clubs, private parties and weddings has taught Bobby that the ultimate craft of DJing is “keeping people in rhythmic balance”. He’s a fiend for the perfect spontaneous song choice and he’s always locked in with the demands of the dancefloor. He can leap from Bowie to Prince to Fugees to Kendrick in a single bound, delivering the sort of “wow” moments that elevates his DJ performance beyond the typical.

Also a licensed minister, Bobby has officiated about a dozen weddings and is available for all non-denominational ceremonies. He also offers an all-vinyl package where he shows up with “crates on crates” tailored to your musical vision.

A note from Bobby...


“I have been DJing and collecting records since 1997 and I love DJing weddings because it involves working in an environment where there is little margin for error. Playing music for a crowd requires effective song selection and turntable skills that allows me to satisfy and access people's emotional attachment to music.


My life as an artist (see Bobby Lovelock on iTunes or Spotify) has provided me with exactly the kind of diverse and formative preparation, network, and life experiences needed to command people’s respect. I know what it takes to meet grueling demands because I have deejayed dozens of weddings and performed at over 500 events, including twenty states on the Vans Warped Tour. I know that success requires constant and continual hard work and I perform like a professional because I practice and rehearse. I constantly work to improve so that I can distinguish and prove myself amidst competitors. If given the opportunity to work with you on your wedding, I will strengthen your ceremony’s quality, increase the good vibes, and exceed your expectations.


Thank you so kindly for your time, and congratulations!”

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